Business Retail Software With Source Code

Business Retail Software giant such as Microsoft Dynamics has very grown fast these few years, although major big retailer requires more functionality than standard package, they still can resists the brand name: Microsoft! The fact is: Retail environment needs highly customizable system – A source code based Business Retail Software!

Every business in retail environment shares some same components: Point of Sales with cash collection and daily sales analysis, inventory to track available stock on every store, accounting system to manage financial reporting and cash flows…And yes, each and every retail software provides such functionality!

However, do you know that every retail has more to ask? They need something more than standard, they need more powerful for their competitive advantages! When comes to competitive advantages in Information Technology, automation and information availability are 2 of the key components.

The software must be flexible enough to achieve as much automation as possible!

The software must also be powerful enough to provide online and realtime information to lower the stock level and increase the sales by better stock flow control – replenish fast selling / best selling items automatically! This is not possible for standard software to implement, because every retailer control their stock differently, and to adapt to the software they lose competitive advantage!

The best way will be restructuring current business operation, redesign or customize the software to their needs and amplify the company competitive advantages through the software process automation.

Business Retail Software With Source Code fits in properly. Developer can re-engineer the software based on business requirement, and the highly modularize source code allows developer to further customize each module without scarifying too much functionality.

Rapid Application Development tools, OOP coding will accelerate the project delivery time, and if the source code are design in such a nature, developer can easily enhance it without doing too much coding. Many business software developer still not sure how to use RAD tools, they are still coding manually!

There are almost no open source project developed in RAD tools, this means you can gain competitive advantage over them, just use any available resources to your advantage, and Visual Studio + VB.Net is the best combination!

Cynics Accounting, POS and Inventory source code is the best start up base, use them to accelerate your project and customize those modules to your customer needs…

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